About Imanny 

Welcome to my kitchen blog. Cooking baking and messing around. I’m a Londoner born and raised, I love UK grime, Stormzy, Kano, Muhammed Ali. and of course baking. Mary J Blige and Mariah are my long lost sisters the three of us were separated when we were just babies and J Cole is not boring. I am a left wing Irish-Palestinian Londoner. My other great love is clothes, my brilliant mother is the most talented dressmaker I have ever come across. My happiest memories are of being with my beautiful mum in the kitchen making cakes, my mum who granted me every freedom in the kitchen and her workshop and dutifully told me everything I did was wonderful! This is probably why I am at my happiest in one of these two places, mostly the kitchen to be honest, and have an inflated sense of my own grandeur in there!